Important Xamarin Tools for Building Cross Platform apps

Important Xamarin Tools for Building Cross Platform apps


Xamarin is a popular cross platform framework that is used for developing Android, iOS, OS X and Windows applications. This framework uses Visual Studio and C#. As it helps to save a lot of time and efforts, it is a trusted choice of several developers and enterprises all over the world. Developers can share the code between Android and iOS apps and compile it into native code. It offers the benefits of native UI and native performance.

In order to build a cross platform app with Xamarin, you would need some tools. We have compiled the list of essential tools required for Xamarin development:

Xamarin-Supported IDEs

Visual Studio:

This is Microsoft’s modern and sophisticated IDE with a lot of features for building mobile, web, and desktop applications. Visual Studio is used for developing mobile apps with .Net, .Net core applications, cross platform Unity games, and ASP.Net core web apps. Visual Studio Code helps the developers create cloud and web applications easily. It is a one stop tool for develop apps, manage small and large teams, and build services. As it has a rich editor, debugging, and source control, it facilitates app development across different platforms. It makes continuous integration for different platforms and speeds up the development process.

Developed by: Microsoft Corporation
Platform: Windows, Mac
Release date: February 1997
Written in: C++, C#
Pricing: Free for students and individual developers. Professional or Enterprise annual subscriptions start at $ 1,199 or $ 5,999, while cloud subscriptions start at $ 539 yearly.


XCode is a comprehensive development environment for building apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. If you want to build iOS applications with Xamarin on Visual Studio on a Windows system, you require a Mac computer for remote compilation and debugging.

Developed by: Apple
Platform: Mac
Release date: 2003
Pricing: Free

Xamarin Development Tools


This is an important tool for developing any modern apps. It offers a unique mechanism by which programmers can create and share useful code for app development. Usually, the code is bundled into packages with compiled code with the other content required in the projects.

NuGet has a central repository of more than 100,000 unique packages that can be used by .Net developers for building different types of apps. Developers can host packages privately in the cloud or private network. The programmers can also make packages available to a specific group of users.

Developed by: Microsoft Corporation, .NET Foundation
Platform: .NET Framework
Release date: October 5th, 2010
Written in: C#
Pricing: Free, open source


This is a great framework for developing loosely coupled, yet maintainable XAML applications in Xamarin Forms and Windows 10 UWP. It offers a wide collection of design patterns that are used in writing well-structured applications.

Developed by: .NET Foundation
Pricing: Free, open source


It contains XAML IntelliSence, and image tooling to simplify Xamarin app development. MFractor provides an enhanced XAML editor for supercharging your Xamarin.Forms development. It also helps the developers find code issues immediately and fix them with a few clicks. It adds the missing elements such as image import wizard, mobile-specific navigation shortcuts, and localization assistance. MFractor can be customized according to your specific project requirements with a rich configuration engine.

Developed by: Matthew Robbins, Tom Bowers
Platform: Mac
Pricing: Free. Professional version at $300.


It is a Visual Studio extension for .Net programmers to offer on-the-fly code quality analysis. You would get to know instantly if your code requires improvement. Resharper warns the users about the problems in the code, and also provides the quick fixes to solve the issues automatically. Developers can choose the best quick fix from the range of options provided.

Developed by: JetBrains
Platform: Windows
Pricing: Plans start at $129 per year

With so many tools for Xamarin development, you can leverage the features and build an outstanding cost effective application that works on multiple platforms offering a native feel. i-Verve has a team of expert Xamarin developers for hire who understand the clients’ exact business requirements and offers custom Xamarin solutions.

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