What Makes Xamarin A Preferred Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tool?

With the growing use of mobile apps, there is an increasing competition in every sector. There are several platforms for building mobile applications. Some of the popular ones are Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter. Many users and developers work on different platforms for developing mobile apps.

Giants like Fox Sports and Alaska Airlines use Xamarin for their mobile applications to allow users get a seamless user experience across different devices. The obvious benefits of this technology are cost savings and simplicity. Being developed on Visual Studio, Xamarin-based apps ensure faster development. Such apps use C# & shared codebases, that re-use upto 90% of the code for Xamarin app development, Xamarin is the best choice for cross platform app development.

Let’s talk about the reasons that make Xamarin a trusted choice of many users and developers worldwide:

Easy To Learn

The developers require Java and Objective-C for building Android and iOS apps – It means two separate programming languages. This means that the developer you hire should have knowledge about two languages. With Xamarin mobile app development, you just have to learn one language i.e., C# that helps you develop apps across multiple operating systems. It is easy for developers or even users to learn one single language as compared to one and build cross platform mobile apps.

Offer Native User Experience

The most popular solution for building mobile apps is native design. That’s when Xamarin app development comes into the picture. It offers native look and feel to your app. The code can be shared among different platforms and it shortens the development cycle. All you need to do is write the code and it can be shared among different platforms for creating apps for building cross platform apps with Xamarin. This software provides completely native user experience and behavior patterns.

Rapid Prototyping

Xamarin.Forms helps the developers to get access to a complete cross platform UI toolkit to develop interfaces that work on all the different devices. It also helps the developers create an app for single interface across all the devices. Xamarin developers can share the code without modifying the UI for every platform.

Reduced Time To Market

When you build apps with shared codebases, it eliminates the time required for rewriting or recompiling the code for different platforms. You’ll be save weeks and even months and years off the development cycle. Xamarin developers can build apps for all the major platforms simultaneously.

Less Maintenance

It requires less time and efforts to maintain and update the apps that are built with Xamarin. Once the changes are made to the source files, there’s no need to update the source files to the apps individually. As the apps are built together, you can deploy them to all the platforms at once.

Lesser Prone To Errors

Xamarin application development is lesser prone to errors and bugs. There would be fewer bugs in Xamarin apps. As there would be lesser codes, you can expect lesser coding. Before you begin Xamarin application development, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

Great Community Support

Xamarin programmers can find useful information on websites such as Stack Overflow and other useful communities. There are several support forums available. An ever-growing community of thousands of developers helps users and developers avail great help and support if they’re stuck with the development for Xamarin apps.

Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD)

RMAD is one of the main advantages of Xamarin application development. Cross platform app development is the need of the hour for modern businesses when compared to native development for mobile apps. Xamarin app development accelerates the development process, and fulfills your business requirements. You can get native-like look-feel at affordable costs. With 100% code reusability, you can save a lot of time and costs and deliver mobile apps faster for all the major mobile platforms.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of crowns that make Xamarin a preferred king of cross platform mobile app development. The rich features and advantages of Xamarin app development make it a win for building mobile applications for different platforms.

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