Xamarin Vs Native Mobile App Development – Let’s see Who Wins

Xamarin Vs Native

Sam wanted to build an on-demand app for his food delivery business and he looked for developers locally. As he had no knowledge about mobile app development solutions, he approached a few leading companies to get suggestions. Most of the agencies suggested him to opt for Xamarin for building cross platform application while a few others suggested native app development. He was confused as to which platform he should select for developing his first app. He did some research online and found out the pros and cons of both technologies. If you are also confused between Xamarin and native app development, this is the right post for you.

Mobile apps are becoming advanced these days. Mobile app developers use different approaches for building feature-rich apps. Xamarin is one of the best cross platforms across the globe as it facilitates faster and cost effective app development solutions. Xamarin developers can write an app in C#, and share the same code across multiple systems.

Native Vs Xamarin Development

Native approach for mobile app development is a popular strategy these days. Programmers all over the world use native approach for building feature-rich mobile apps. Developers build a single app in each software and then check it for errors before submitting it to the respective app stores. This framework is used for creating separate applications for different mobile app platforms. Java is used for developing Android apps and iOS is based on languages such as C or C++. The techniques for building iOS and Android apps are completely different. Xamarin is one of the latest revolutionary inventions that is used for building cross platform applications.

When should one use Xamarin for mobile app development?

  • If the developers are not well versed with native languages, but know C#, then Xamarin can be used. Developers who are skilled in C# and .Net can create mobile apps easily. There is no need of mastering Java, Objective-C, or Swift.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining popularity since the last few years. If you are planning to build an IoT application that requires accelerometer, gyroscope, and other hardware capabilities, you can choose Xamarin. This framework is fully compatible with IoT devices and so, you will not have to look for third party solutions for adding the features and functionality you want.
  • Startups and small enterprises that do not have a huge budget for mobile app development can select Xamarin app development as the backend for both OS will be identical. Xamarin is a cost effective option for building cross platform apps.
  • Testing software for Android platform is no child’s play. An app that is built for Android may not work well on iOS devices. The app built should be compatible with all the screen sizes. With Xamarin, developers can use cloud services called Test Cloud. They can simulate the real activity of the users on more than 2000 devices. Though Test Cloud costs you money, it is worth spending as testing on it will ensure that your app is flawless and bug-free.

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When should native development be preferred?

  • If you are looking for lightning-fast speed apps, Xamarin won’t be of much help. Apps that are updated frequently can use native app development approach. Interactive and high-performance gaming apps can be built using native approach to avoid downtimes.
  • Native approach can be used to build “lightweight” apps for different platforms.

Which technology wins the race?

Xamarin can duplicate 95% of the code while building an app. This framework is an issue-solver and helps developers save a lot of time and efforts. Xamarin is surely a great alternative to native development. If you want to build a mobile app, but not sure of how to develop it, turn to our company. We have a team of experienced Xamarin app developers who can build scalable apps matching your exact business requirements and help you achieve your objectives. We can build cross platform/hybrid mobile app for your business easily and also ensure that you get the best value of the money you spend.

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